SMI is committed to assisting our clients in securing non-dilutive federal funding and influencing policy.

SMI is a government affairs consulting firm strategically located in Washington, DC, just steps away from the institutions that shape and implement federal policies. Our highly qualified team comprises technical and policy experts, lobbyists, and former executive branch officials. With extensive experience, we specialize in guiding organizations of all sizes through the congressional legislative process, the Department of Defense, and civilian federal agencies.

We serve as trusted advisors to companies and organizations new to government collaboration. Leveraging our background, knowledge, and networks, we empower our clients to develop a robust and successful government affairs strategy.

Our Team

Our Process

While we work with every client to develop a unique strategy, our overall approach consists of four parts and has a proven track record of success.

This combination of experience in federal advocacy and federal marketing, as well as SMI’s comprehensive web of federal contacts, will provide you with the knowledge, expertise, and resources you needs to build a robust and successful government relations strategy and US federal funding pipeline.

Our Process

Understand. Upon commencement of an engagement, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their capabilities and objectives. This comprehensive understanding, enhanced by our technical experts and a team of seasoned advisors, proves crucial in pinpointing potential opportunities and obstacles. It is instrumental in effectively advocating for our clients. Simultaneously, gaining insights into the market, identifying potential conflicts or issues, and proactively addressing them are key aspects of this phase.

Connect. Subsequently, we analyze and explore every application of a given technology, product, or service, aligning it with unmet government needs. Our priority is crafting a strategy that focuses on connecting clients with the relevant government stakeholders responsible for addressing these needs. Identifying existing stakeholders, program offices, funding sources, solicitations, and more forms an integral part of this stage.

Execute. Moving forward, we directly engage with decision-makers in federal agencies and Congress to implement our strategy. While the specific actions are tailored to each client, they typically include briefing program managers, meeting with the clients’ congressional delegation, collaborating with industry partners, and more.

Secure Funding. Finally, we guide our clients through the step-by-step process of funding capture. This involves supporting proposal writing, facilitating contract negotiations, and more. We aim to optimize the benefits for all participants involved.

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