SMI is committed to helping our clients secure non-dilutive federal funding and influence policy

SMI is a government affairs consulting firm located in Washington DC just steps away from the institutions that create and implement federal policy. Our highly qualified team consists of technical and policy experts, lobbyists, and former executive branch officials. We have extensive experience guiding organizations of all types and sizes through congressional legislative process, the Department of Defense, and civilian federal agencies.

We are experienced advisors to companies and organizations that are new to working with the government and we have the background, knowledge, and networks to help our clients build a robust and successful government affairs strategy.

Our Team

Our Process

While we work with every client to develop a unique strategy, our overall approach consists of four parts and has a proven track record of success.

This combination of experience in federal advocacy and federal marketing, as well as SMI’s comprehensive web of federal contacts, will provide you with the knowledge, expertise, and resources you needs to build a robust and successful government relations strategy and US federal funding pipeline.

Understand. Immediately after starting an engagement, we work with our clients to understand their capabilities and goals. This in-depth knowledge, augmented by our technical experts and team of senior advisors, is critical for identifying potential opportunities, roadblocks, and successfully advocating for our clients. It is also important at this stage to understand the market, identify any potential conflicts or issues, and work to mitigate them early.

Connect. Then, we analyze and consider every application of a given technology, product, or service and match it to an unmet government need. By developing a strategy focused on connecting clients with the government stakeholders responsible for addressing the unmet need, we can help both clients and the government meet their goals. At this stage, we identify any relevant existing stakeholders, program offices, funding sources, solicitations, and more.

Execute. Then, we work directly with decision makers in federal agencies and Congress to execute our strategy. While the specific actions are unique to each client, this usually includes briefing program managers, meeting with the clients’ congressional delegation, engaging industry partners, and more.

Secure Funding. Finally, we guide clients through the funding capture process step-by-step. This may include supporting proposal writing, contract negotiation, and more. This allows us to maximize the benefit to all participants.

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