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From Concept to Capability

For over 30 years, we’ve been helping technology companies navigate the process to secure federal funding.


Slide SMI Process We put in the time and effort to
understand your capabilities
and goals.
Working directly with decision makers in
the federal agencies and Congress, we
work to shape programs and funding
priorities that mutually benefit the
government and you.
UNDERSTAND SECURE FUNDING We guide you through the funding capture
process step-by-step in order to maximize
the benefit to all participants.
Using our deep in-house knowledge, we develop
strategies to help achieve your organization’s goals
by connecting you with the stakeholders responsible for
addressing the government’s unmet needs in a relevant area.
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We are experts at guiding companies through the process of securing federal funding.

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We work with a variety of companies and organizations including large and small businesses, nonprofits,  universities, academic institutions, and more.

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