WASHINGTON, D.C. – Strategic Marketing Innovations (SMI), Inc. is pleased to announce that Dr. Gerald “Gerry” Quinnan will be joining the Senior Advisor team. Dr. Quinnan comes to SMI with 30 years of experience and leadership in public health policy and biomedical science.”We are very excited to have Dr. Quinnan on board and look forward to working with him,” says COO Bill McCann. “His expertise will be an invaluable asset to SMI and our clients.”

Prior to joining SMI, Dr. Quinnan spent 16 years working in the biologics center of the FDA where he served as the director of the blood product regulatory program and later as Deputy Director and Acting Director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research. In that capacity he established FDA’s first regulatory program for cytokines and led the FDA engagements in AIDS related matters at the onset of the epidemic.

Dr. Quinnan is also an emeritus Professor of Preventative Medicine at USU, where he served 12 years as Chair of the Preventative Medicine Department and was the founding director of both the Infectious Disease Clinical Research Program and the USU Global Health Program.

As a result of his recognized expertise in vaccine development, Dr. Quinnan played a supportive role in the development of the Flumist influenza vaccine and has also participated on numerous national and international public health initiatives and advisory bodies, including the Scientific Advisory Board of Aviron, and has served on scientific review groups for a variety of organizations, including the DoD and the NIH.

For much of his federal career, Dr. Quinnan has served as a commissioned officer in the United States Public Health Service (PHS), rising to the rank of Rear Admiral, and serving as Assistant Surgeon General.

Dr. Quinnan received his bachelor degree in Chemistry from the College of the Holy Cross and his medical degree from Saint Louis University. He trained in Internal Medicine and Adult Infectious Diseases at Boston University Medical School and is a licensed and board certified physician.

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