WASHINGTON, Nov. 2, 2023 – SMI is pleased to welcome Senior Director John Major, a seasoned leader in manufacturing and product development who will help strengthen the firm’s military portfolio. 

He began his career at Ford Motor Company before joining Navistar, where he led the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) program that swiftly delivered over 6,200 armored personnel carriers to U.S. troops under fire in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Following Navistar, Major was the COO at Plasan US, which produced survivability products for the military. He is also a former VP for government relations at Achates Power, where he helped secure over $35 million in congressional ads to develop a new Army combat vehicle engine. 

Most recently, he was VP for Manufacturing and Programs at Carbon Robotics and is co-founder of Comprehensive Carbon Impact, which advises the Army on commercial technology investments, tech transition, and advanced manufacturing methods.

“Much of John’s career has been at the intersection of industry supporting our nation’s military with the full support of Congress,” said SMI CEO Bill McCann. “At SMI, he will support a number of our current clients and will work to build a strong Army and DoD ground vehicle client portfolio.  

“John has excellent relationships with leadership at the Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center and at the Tank-Automotive & Armaments Command, as well as with many of the Midwest congressional delegations,” Bill added. 

“SMI helped me secure over $60 million in DoD and DOE funds for three different companies while I was on the industry side, and I am thrilled to bring that joint track record of success for our clients,” Major said.  

John holds a BA and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois. 

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