Cyber Security Expert and former Senate Defense Appropriations staffer
Ms. Alycia Farrell, Cyber Security Expert and former Senate Defense Appropriations staffer

Currently, she is the founder and sole proprietor of Gray Tarian, a consulting firm that specializes in federal budgeting and policy within the cybersecurity, defense, and aerospace industries. She provides her cybersecurity expertise to other government relations firms and defense companies who seek to work with and understand the Department of Defense's acquisition and federal appropriations processes. Previously, Ms. Farrell worked as a Professional Staff Member on the Senate Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Defense where her portfolio focused on missile procurement for the Army, Navy, and Air Force; funding and policy for the Missile Defense Agency; and individual component work on strategic systems. She is proficient at researching program elements within the budget justification materials and analyzing federal code and law that directs space and national security policy. Ms. Farrell serves as a core organizational member and the current Acting Treasurer of the Association of U.S. Cyber Forces (AUSCF).

Ms. Farrell holds an M.A in International Relations, Cyber Diplomacy (Technical Track) from Norwich University and has taken courses at the Defense Acquisition University and through the Naval War College Fleet Seminar Program in National Security studies.

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