25+ years of senior Washington leadership spanning several issue areas
Mr. C. Matthew Sagely has over two decades of experience working on policy issues on Capitol Hill.

Previously, Mr. Sagely served as the Chief of Staff for Congressman John Boozman (AR) where he served as the Senator’s primary legislative policy adviser and oversaw and coordinated his role on the Appropriations, Agriculture and Commerce Committees. Additionally, Mr. Sagely served as a Legislative Policy Director for Congressman Boozman as well as the Senior Legislative Assistant for Congressman Saxby Chambliss (GA). Mr. Sagely’s legislative experience includes a range of issues including appropriations, infrastructure, agriculture, and health care. Mr. Sagely was also a Senior Management Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton as well as a Partner at the Normandy Group.

Mr. Sagely holds a B.A. in Public Administration from Henderson State University and an MBA from Marymount University.

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